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Bulk Lawn Signs and Bumper Stickers

Help advertise VotersForPeace with these brightly colored lawn signs and bumper stickers. Buy a package to bring to local events or give them to your friends and family!

xxPkg A - 10 Lawn Signs, 10 Bumper Stickers - $98.00
xxPkg B - 25 Lawn Signs, 25 Bumper Stickers - $140.00
xxPkg C - 50 Lawn Signs, 50 Bumper Stickers - $230.00
xxPkg D - 100 Lawn Signs, 100 Bumper Stickers - $411.00

xxClick here to purchase a lawn sign and bumper sticker xxpackage!

xxYour purchase is a tax deductible contribution to xxVotersForPeace! The lawn signs are 16 x 26 inches in 3 xxbright colors, and they include the metal stakes. The bumper stickers are 3.5 x 14 plastic stickers. Prices include UPS shipping and packaging.

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