Come Home, America

Citizens Opposed to U.S. War and Empire

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On February 20, 2010 a conference was held bringing together conservatives, progressives, liberals and libertarians who oppose American militarism and Empire. Here are some articles about the meeting:

Battling the Bipartisan Consensus for War – By Doug Bandow, Campaign for Liberty

Come Home, America: Prospects for a Coalition Against Empire – By Jeff Taylor, Front Porch Republic

Organizing Against Empire: Where Left and Right Meet ... Amicably – By Paul Buhle, Counterpunch

The Heroic Right-Left Peace Conference – By Matt Cockerill, Young Americans for Liberty

The Left-Right Conference on War – By David R. Henderson,

Carl Oglesby Was Right – By Daniel McCarthy, American Conservative

Eight Hours in the Basement for Peace - By Sam Smith, Progressive Review

Left, Right, and Miscellaneous – By Jesse Walker, Reason Magazine

Left and Right Against War, Part 87 – By Thomas E. Woods, Jr.,

The United States Needs a Broad-Based Anti-War Movement – By Kevin Zeese, Voters for Peace

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