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Quick Guide to Meeting with Your Congressperson

The most important action you can take now is to schedule a meeting with your Congressperson to tell them you want US troops out of Iraq, you oppose an escalation, and you want your member to oppose future funding of the war. Use this page to find your legislator's contact information, district totals of pledge signers to report to your legislator, and a link to post your meeting on the VotersForPeace website.

How do I contact my legislator to schedule an appointment?

It's important that you schedule an appointment with your member of Congress before they begin their session in Washington, DC. This is your chance to share your concerns face-to-face! There are three ways for you to contact your legislator and schedule a meeting:

1. To contact Representatives or find their nearest office to you

2. To contact incumbent Senators or find their nearest office to you

3. Call the DC office of your member of Congress through the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

What should I say once I am in the meeting?

Use this "Dear Member" letter for helpful talking points and to leave a reference for your member at the end of the meeting.

How do I find out how many voters have signed the VotersForPeace Pledge in my district or state?

Find your district totals here.

How do I find other people who have a meeting with my member of Congress?

Post your meeting at so that other VotersForPeace activists can connect with you, join you in your meeting, and organize future events. You can also search here for meetings scheduled in your area!


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