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VotersForPeace Cancelled Check Campaign

The Cancelled Check Campaign seeks to divert votes and dollars from pro-war candidates. The 2008 presidential candidates have already raised tens of millions of dollars for their campaign, but few of them have committed to immediately withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The candidates know that Iraq is the #1 issue to voters-- and they know that this is the most expensive presidential primary in history. If they want our financial support or vote, they are going to have to earn it!

We want to send a message to candidates that peace voters will not be taken for granted. At the same time, we want those dollars that could have gone to a pro-war candidate to instead go to a person or organization that is working for peace.

How does the campaign work?

Write a brief note to the candidate of your choice, explaining that they are losing your vote and donation because they are not demanding a speedy enough end to the occupation of Iraq. Then fill out a check to the candidate with VOID clearly written over the check. If you wish to do so, then write a second check for the same amount to your favorite organization or leader who is working for peace.

Consider making the Cancelled Check Campaign a party for your friends, colleagues, and fellow activists! Parties can be as small as 3 people or as big as several hundred people. Consider doubling the party as a film showing of "Why We Fight" or "Iraq For Sale", two great films that talk about the power and might of the military-industrial complex. If space is an issue, you can also use this tactic during your pledge-gathering tabling efforts at community events.

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