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Mike Gravel's Campaign for President
Finally, a Populist Antiwar Candidate
CounterPunch, By Kevin Zeese. Feb 22, 2007

Cindy Sheehan on War Candidates
Democracy Rising, April 6, 2006

Is Your Candidate Against the War?
Peace Majority Report

Hawks for Withdrawal
The Nation, By Tom Hayden. May 17, 2006

"The Progressive Mourns Paul Wellstone" - Paul Wellstone, unabashed liberal
The Progressive, October 10, 2002

Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex
Public Papers, 1961

Democrats and the War
The Nation, November 9, 2005

A New Approach: Organizing Voters to End War
An organized antiwar voting bloc can send the peace message to politicians, March 2006

Hawk-Tied Democrats
TomPaine.Com, By Robert Dreyfuss. April 11, 2006

Wisconsin Cities and Towns Vote to Bring the Troops Home

24 of 32 cities (60% of voters) vote to bring the troops home now. April 4, 2006

National Poll Finds Strong Anti-War Voting Block
Two-thirds of all progressive voters are against voting for any pro-war candidate. March 2006

VotersForPeace.US Launches on Eve of 3rd Anniversary of Iraq War

Well-funded effort aims to make Iraq War 'an issue candidates can't ignore.' March 2006

No to Pro-War Candidates
The Nation, April 20, 2006

Pat Buchanan attacks Congressional Cowards
LewRockwell.Com. April 28, 2006

Ron Paul: Iran- The Next Neocon Target
Congressman Ron Paul on the plans to attack Iran

Student Takes on McCain Over Iraq War Support at New School Graduation
Democracy Now, June 9, 2006

Peace Activists at Hillary Clinton's Speech Try to Take Back "Take Back America"
By Medea Benjamin. June 15, 2006

Where Have All the Marchers Gone?
New York Observer, June 12, 2006


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